Ecommerce Accreditation - Customer Confidence means more orders


Online shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy and in order to give them reassurance that they are purchasing from a safe and reputable retailer there are some simple improvements retailers can make to their websites that will increase customer confidence.

We are not like other schemes! as we are NOT A SCHEME ! you must pass all our checks to become a safe retailer member, other schems simply take your money and offer no advice as to your legal standing.

Membership Benefits in detail (over 1000 Pounds worth of benefit)

  • Fully legal written terms and conditions (worth £125)

We will analyse your terms and conditions and report on issues to fix, or we can write them for you so you comply to UK law.

  • Privacy policy documentation for your website (worth £125)

We will analyze your Privacy statements and report on issues to fix, or we can write them for you so you comply to UK law.

  • Copy and Archive of the above store with us as a 3rd party to negate the issue of changes and implement change control measures.

Each document is copied to our servers and store securely, we then analyze the documents on your site for changes, each change is looked at to make sure its in line with UK regulations and also reported to you the owner just in case your unaware of the changes.

  • Full 3rd party independent mediation if there is a problem.

If there is a problem that you cannot resolve we will mediate for both parties, this is a very quick process and will indicate were both parties stand in relation to the problem.

  • Your personal accreditation page.

Each and every retailer has there own page with details of all our checks, as well a review page were customers can post reviews of your service.

  • Seal of approval

Your Seal may be displayed on your website, paperwork or anywhere you want to shout out that your better than the next shop, we have downloads available in many formats for print and web, we also publish a guide on how to implement the seal to get the most impact.

  • FREE unlimited hosting (worth £199)

If you need to host your website we can offer professional unlimited hosting we are partners to some of the UK's biggest hosting companies and our hosting has everything needed with NO extra charges, this included professional email, control panel access, when we say professional we do mean it.

  • FREE website health check and report ( we only report and do not sell any services, if over to you to get items flagged as wrong fixed)

We will analyze your site and give you a brief report on how it functions, and speed issues, customer usage, navigation to name a few areas, we don't sell services to fix any issues found, so again your in 100% safe hands there is no hidden agenda behind our service.

  • Copyright protection service (images)

Our copyright protection service means we will get images removed or you suitably compensated in the event someone steals your copyrighted images. Certified screen grabs and detailed reporting ensures that we can get images removed quickly.


With Safe Retailer your covered, we confirm your terms and conditions, check your website for security issues, check it for customer satisfaction and report our findings WITH ways to fix it for one simple membership fee.

Once your website complies with the law (unlike other so called accreditation programmes who want MORE from you as a retailer, we believe the law is good enough.) your issued with your personal accreditation number and certificate, this entitles you to many benefits, see our membership page

Simply complete the form for your FREE Customer Confidence Audit